‘COMBAT 19’, which is the most unique and effective room ‘fogger’ sanitiser that eliminates coronaviruses and all other known viruses.

The simplicity of its implementation, not to mention the assurances it provides with eliminating any traces of viruses or bacteria, as well as protecting all surfaces, whether floors, walls, ceilings, furniture’s, door handles, windows, and for up to 7 days, whilst eradicating the need for the dependency of human resources, which can be exhaustive, costly, and with no reliable guarantees that each ‘hot spot’ or designated confinement has been disinfected comprehensively, speaks for itself and in abundance.


COMBAT 19 is a tried and tested sanitising fogger that is highly effective against viruses including ALL CORONAVIRUSES (COVID-19), bacteria and mould spores (tested to BS EN14476, BS EN1276 & BS EN1650) and at the same time, eliminating any nasty odours.

It’s aerosol application is so simple whereas the operator just places the can on to the floor and preferably in the middle of a room and then with a press of a button the whole content is released in to the atmosphere, with continuity, and covers all surfaces within their entirety, is sheer brilliance, and users will have the confidence and knowledge that all surfaces have been covered with the unrivalled transparent germicide (which incidentally is harmless to any/all compositions/surfaces).

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