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The general purpose of the hand held metal detectors is designed and manufactured to endure 24 hour continuous use and abuse in the toughest of working environments. After many years of reliable service, the AD 10-2 is now supplied world wide to Airports, Police Forces, Federal and State Departments, as well as Military and many other highly demanding users. The AD Series metal detectors have a sensitivity of 0.1 grams detection mass. An alarm indication is given by a piezo sounder and a high intensity LED when the battery is running low and a continuous audio/visual LED signal that the battery is exhausted.

Operating at a low energy frequency of 20 Khz all our hand held metal detectors use Linear Detection Technology (LDT) as the detection system. Developed in the Electronics Incorporated research facility, Linear Detection Technology (LDT) produces a clean signal free from transient noise or unsafe high energy, yet enables a detection sensitivity that can detect even the tiniest fragments of metal – accurately and safely.

All the metal detectors in the general purpose range are medically tested and approved, providing no risks to pregnant women or persons with pacemakers, or any interference to magnetic recorded material. Additionally, the unit is protected again environmental conditions and waterproofing to IP64 (lEC 529). It has been tested and approved to EEC EN5008-1 Table 1. EN50082-1 Table 1:1.1 Radiated emissions. Conforms to international standards: CE mark, lEC, NILEC of FCC, FAA.


  • Length: 362mm;
  • Width: 55mm;
  • Height: 30mm;
  • Weight: 262g (including battery)
  • Sensitivity: Target size AD10-2 down to 0.1grms
  • Operating temperature: -20C to +65C.
  • Storage temperature: -30C to +80C
  • Humidity: 98% Operational Frequency: 20 KHz Audio Frequency: 3.4 KHz
  • Quiescent current: 3mA Alarm current: 6mA (Higher alarm current for detectors with “Vibration Alert” mode)
  • Alarm indication: Piezo audio alarm and High intensity LED
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