Ballistic & Stab HG2 / KR2 / SP2 – (HW58)

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Tested and Certified to comply with the latest international approved standards, this vest offers protection against 9mm, .357 magnum, sub machine gun and shot gun.

Ballistic & Stab HG2 / KR2 / SP2

Manufactured using high tech advanced materials, the Fortis® Armour HG2 / KR2 / SP2 is a Home Office bullet, stab, protection vest in a covert outer carrier design.

Utilising the HG2 / KR2 / SP2 panels inside, the vest is ideal for councils, doormen, security officers and hospitals requiring excellent protection against a wide range of threats. The panels are manufactured from our unique layer formation which provides a flexible and thin shield for the wearer.

UK Made

This vest is an excellent option for door staff, security teams and private individuals working in the UK and abroad. These panels can be transferred to any of Fortis® Armour carriers, and can be used in conjunction with NIJ level IV plates to offer a certified NIJ solution for rifle fire including the AK47 and 30 calibre armour piercing rounds.

Exceptional Performance

This vest is manufactured using high grade layers of unidirectional ballistic fibres with a flexible polycarbonate anti trauma backing, sonic welded in a water proof bag, and housed inside a comfortable polycotton outer carrier which incorporates a breathable internal lining for added comfort and air circulation. The outer cover is easily removed for machine washing, and allows for the vest to be worn under clothing providing a more discreet form of protection to appear less aggressive to public.

 Fully Adjustable For Individual Fit

Chest Waist
Inches cm Inches cm
Small 34 – 38 86 – 96 28 71.1
Medium 38 – 43 96 – 109 32 81.3
Large 43 – 46 109 – 116 36 91.4
XL 46 – 48 116 – 122 40 101.6
XXL 48 – 50 122 – 127 44 111.8
XXXL 50 – 52 127 – 132 47 119.4
XXXXL 52 – 53 132 – 135 51 129.4

S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL


Black, White

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