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Welcome to Hire Witness!

Your Safety is Our Priority!

With over thirty years experience in running security companies and providing security training Eton Duckworth established Hire Witness in 2005. During this time working in the security industry our remit has been to ensure British Standards commitments are met, National Standards and Compliance are adhered to and Security Personnel are always monitored to operate to the highest standards. Eton has also operated as a Vetting Manager, worked with private security companies and provided security and risk management services. Organisations we have worked with typically save money by investing in the prevention of problems rather than wasting money trying to fix them.

Hire Witness offers you a comprehensive and superior service tailor-made to suit your individual and specific requirements. We work with many different organisations across the UK providing a full range of security measures 24/7 with reliable security equipment.

Hire Witness are an independent Midlands based company specialising in the sales, service and hire of specialist security equipment including two way radio, metal detectors, body worn surveillance and covert equipment. We take great care in only selecting quality products to add to our portfolio and offer free next day delivery on most items within the UK.We supply a wide variety of products from simple leisure type applications through to bespoke systems for businesses, government departments and the military; we pride ourselves on a fast, efficient and friendly service.

Our greatest strength is our personal service. With many years experience in the security industry we believe that we can offer you more professional, impartial advice regarding which equipment will suit your specific needs. Please call us with any query, no matter how small, and we will be delighted to assist you in any way we can.