• Description


D-ring Earpiece for the Motorola

  • Comfortable Earpiece, that is secure and doesn’t
    intrude into your ear.
  • Good quality Audio
  • In-Line lapel clip PTT with mic
  • Hygienic multi-user earpiece
  • 45 cm cable
  • Motorola 2-pin Connector
  • RoHS compliant.
  • Compatible With: all Motorola radios that required 2 pin plug.

    This High Quality D Shape soft Ear-Cup earpiece is made from quality components what makes it highly durable. PU cable compliance with ROHS contain high intensity Kevlar is very firm and endurable. This exclusive earpiece has been made with coiled PU cable for retractable use. Fashionable PTT design with metal clip and the high quality soft rubber ear-cup is comfortable to wear. PTT and speaker is adopted separated design, using for more conceals working environment.

    This earpiece will enable you to receive audio messages in crystal clear sound. This earpiece has been made from the highest quality components and has been thoroughly tested to ensure it provides clear sound performance in even the noisiest of environments. Soft rubber hear-cup provides snug comfortable fit over the ear, enabling it to be worn comfortably for long periods of time.

    The combination of high quality components, comfort and reasonable price makes it the ideal earpiece for use in any loud or challenging environment where the need to understand instructions clearly and accurately is vital. This includes nightclubs, factories, in hospitality and security operations.
    While working in a loud environment, you need to be sure that your earpiece will provide the high quality crystal clear sound, else you will not be able to understand your co-workers and managers clearly, also impeding your ability to perform effectively as part of a team. When purchasing an earpiece from Hire Witness you can be assured that you’re buying a device, which will provide quality, reliable performance for a very long time.

    * Please remember to let us know which type of radio the accessory will be used with Secure fit tube connector.