Vestcam From Hire Witness Body Worn Surveillance Camera – (HW260)

Vestcam From Hire Witness Body Worn Surveillance Camera – (HW260)


  • Records up to 10 hours
  • Ultra full HD 1296P
  • Clear night vision
  • password protected
  • 32GB memory
  • GPS tracking mode
  • Time stamp
  • Add watermark
  • 140 wide angle lens
  • 32MP camera
  • Long life battery life
  • Mac and Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 Compatible
  • Description


Hire Witness has a stunning new high definition body worn camera – the VestCam – one of the most advanced body worn cameras on the market today. With a smooth 30fps frame rate it’s perfect for catching every detail.
ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION: The VestCam is the next step up from 1080p body cameras, as it features a huge 32MP camera for ultra-clear shots both day and night. You can also take pictures while the VestCam records by simply pressing the camera button once.
GPS TRACKING MODE: A built-in GPS Mode can track and provide evidence of your exact location. Once GPS Mode is activated (via VestCam’s Setting menu), your recordings can be paired with a GPS player via your computer. Finding the GPS player is easy – simply connect your VestCam to a PC, locate the GPS player document within your connected files, then extract the player to your computer and the GPS player will appear.
ULTRA WIDE 140 DEGREE ANGLE LENS: Capture everything you see with the built-in wide angle lens, all in High Definition resolution. The VestCam can also be used as a dash cam, providing crisp video of all 4 motorway lanes, license plates and other road markings / signs.
CLEAR NIGHT VISION: Night Vision Mode enables VestCam to clearly capture faces up to 10 meters, away even if its pitch black outside. Two front-loaded infrared lights create a white vision that dramatically improves visibility, plus a useful bright LED light can be activated at the touch of a button just in case you need extra light. Night Vision mode can be set to automatic, intelligently sensing light and dark conditions. As an additional bonus, VestCam also features a laser light in case you need to point something out.
LONG BATTERY LIFE: The VestCam has a built-in 10 hour 2900mah lithium battery which takes just 4 hours to fully charge. Average battery life under different recording resolutions are as follows: 1296p = 4.5 Hours,  1080p = 6.3 Hours,  720p = 8 Hours, 480p = 10 Hours, standby time = 240 hours.

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