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Note: “The ‘sia licenced officer’ logo on the item above is a registered design (No:4033499) and is protected under UK copyright law. Reproduction in full, part, or in a modified form is strictly prohibited”

  • The choice of professional Security Officers Throughout the UK and Europe
  • Compartments for your licence, ID, and credit/membership cards.
  • A top quality detailed nickel plated and genuine hard glass enamel coloured badge.
  • Crafted from quality materials including fine grain leather.

The wallet has the same high quality specifications as many of the UK Emergency Services and Government Agencies. It has the badge printed in silver on the front cover of the wallet. The inside consists of two windowed compartments for your sia License/ID/Warrant Cards or Driving License and a flap that incorporates a polished silver nickel plate and glass enamel badge (not painted enamel) which is recessed into the flap with the UK Security Duty Stripe in silver below it. Both of the pockets are lined (another sign of  quality) and the badge flap allows the badge to be displayed when the wallet is closed or placed in a pocket. Please don’t get this confused with other similar wallets this is a professional quality item.

If you are a plain clothes store detective then this wallet will be an ideal piece of equipment to add to your armoury. There has been an increase in the number of tourist criminals coming into the UK purely to thieve. Most of them can’t or claim they can’t speak English in the hope that this will somehow help them ‘get off ‘ if caught. The other problem with these criminals is that often they will put up a fight when being detained by Security Staff claiming that because they don’t speak our language they thought they where being assaulted. Problem is, they usually get away with it.

If you drop this ID wallet in your top pocket when making an arrest it will give them a visual clue as to who you are. It will also cut down on the risk that a member of the public will intervene and mistake the plain clothed officer for the assailant – it has happened!

If your job involve ‘Close Protection’ then its import that your client be able to easily identify who their protectors are particularly in crowd situations. Displaying this wallet in your top pocket will be a lot easier for them to spot than a radio earpiece!

If you work in any other of the Security specialities then you will have paid a lot of money for your license and it deserves to have a nice place to live while not in use. You should also remember that even when you are ‘Off Duty’ you are still a licensed Officer and should you see one of your fellow Officers in trouble and feel the need to assist you can display this wallet in your top pocket or belt before you wade in so he knows you are one of the good guys!

The pocket under the badge flap is an ideal place to store your driving license. If you are stopped by the Police for a motoring offence when off duty, producing your license from this will leave the Officer in no doubt that your both on the same side. . . . . . may even have a positive outcome! 


Note: “The ‘sia licenced officer’ logo on the item above is a registered design (No:4033499) and is protected under UK copyright law. Reproduction in full, part, or in a modified form is strictly prohibited


Please note: This wallet does not replace the need to display your sia license when on duty

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