Protective Face Shield – (HW427)

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CE EN166 Certified Plastic Face Shields

Hire Witness is responding to the government’s requests for manufacturers to help tackle the growing demand for personal protective equipment during the current coronavirus pandemic. We are now working alongside a manufacturer in the uk producing plastic face shields in a range of colors for the.– ideal for employees going back to work.

Industry-leading levels of protection

Our disposable plastic visors offer industry-leading levels of protection to the face and eyes.

CE marked and fully certified to EN166 standards, the face shields can provide employees with high levels of protection against airborne viruses and pathogens. High quality, and with a strong clip design, they are universal for a wide range of sizes.

Paired with additional safety devices, the plastic face shields can shield against moving particles that occur from coughs and sneezes. As a result, you can help to lower the risk of viruses spreading within your workplace.

Protection from workplace hazards

The plastic face shields can also protect the face from exposure to certain hazards in the workplace too.

Skin is incredibly important to protect in specific industries. However, the eyes, nose, and mouth, are particularly vulnerable. A face shield is a key item which can help to provide effective protection to the facial area. A large proportion of impact injuries in the workplace come from flying objects, sparks which strike the eye area, and particles entering the eyes or mouth.

These scenarios can lead to serious injuries including punctures, contusions, and abrasions. If your employees are working in hazardous areas and can be exposed to these types of risks, protective devices must be worn.

All-day comfort

With a premium anti-fog coating, these protective visors can be worn with or without additional equipment – such as face masks and plastic glasses. The UK-made face shields are made from medical grade PET and ensure optimum all-day comfort, practicality, and ease-of-use for its wearers.


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